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Founder’s Corner: A Vision of Compassion for 2024

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Dear Friends,
As we welcome a new year, I find myself reflecting on the journey that led me to establish Innovative Nursing Solutions and Hospice Care. It’s a journey rooted in a passion for nursing and a heartfelt commitment to transforming end-of-life care. I’m Phyllis Dove-Edwin, BSN, RN, and I’d like to share our vision for 2024 with you.

In my 54 years of life, I’ve witnessed the highs and lows of healthcare, and it was my experiences as a nurse that ultimately drove me to create this hospice care company. Over the years, I’ve seen the incredible dedication of healthcare professionals, but I’ve also seen moments of unsatisfactory care that left patients and families longing for more. Those moments shaped my mission – to redefine hospice care and ensure every patient receives the quality of care they truly deserve.

At INS Hospice, we stand apart not only because of the exceptional level of care we provide but because of our unwavering commitment to education and community outreach. For 2024, we’ve set our sights on making a meaningful impact in underserved communities, and I’d like to share how we plan to achieve this.

Education as a Beacon of Hope: Education is the cornerstone of what we do. We believe that knowledge empowers individuals and communities to make informed choices about their healthcare, especially when it comes to end-of-life decisions. In 2024, we’ll expand our educational initiatives to reach more people, offering resources, workshops, and guidance on hospice care options. We want to be a beacon of hope for those navigating this challenging journey.

Reaching Underserved Communities: We understand that quality hospice care should be accessible to all. In the coming year, we’re committed to reaching underserved communities, where access to healthcare resources may be limited. Our goal is to provide compassionate care and support to those who need it most, regardless of their circumstances.

What Sets Us Apart: A Family’s Dedication to Care Beyond our commitment to education and outreach, what makes us truly unique is that we are a family-owned hospice company. Our motto, “It Takes A Family To Care For A Family,” isn’t just words; it’s the essence of who we are.

Our commitment to your loved ones goes beyond the clinical aspect of care. For us, it’s a calling that runs deep in our veins. We become companions on this journey with each patient and their family, offering not just medical support but also the warmth and understanding that only a family can provide.

In a world where healthcare can sometimes feel impersonal, we remain deeply committed to providing a sense of family, where every patient is cherished, and every family’s needs are embraced. This commitment sets us apart and ensures that your loved ones receive care that is not just exceptional but also deeply compassionate.

Thank you for being part of our extended family. Together, as we step into the year ahead, we’re dedicated to making a profound difference in the lives of those we serve, because, after all, “It Takes A Family To Care For A Family.”

With warmest regards,
Phyllis Dove-Edwin, BSN, RN
Innovative Nursing Solutions and Hospice Care

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